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Angelo Plessas


Angelo Plessas born 1974, lives and works in Athens, Greece.
Plessas uses the internet to create  websites that are strange, nervous and poetic at the same time. These websites are mostly interactive drawings and Plessas’ subjects usually involve femminity and portraits of people around him or many sides of himself.  These internet pieces often “cover” the real world as objects like murals, installations, collage drawings and prints.

In 2007 Angelo has founded the “Angelo Foundation” a non-profit organization focused on the relationship of the internet and culture.

Once in an interview he said: “The internet is the only place to create anymore. It’s like being in the jungle and you try to create a civilization. You find a script, you test to see if you can start a fire.”

Plessas has shown his work  in museums and foundations such as The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece, Deste Foundation, the 3rd Biennial of Valencia. His work has been published in  Purple Fashion, Liberation newspaper and Frieze magazine. Since 2005 he maintains the popular blog www.Angelosays.com.

Plessas is also part of the Neen collective, Neen stands for Neenstars: a still undefined generation of visual artists. Some of them belong to the contemporary art world; others are software creators, web designers, and video game directors or animators. Neen was founded in 2000 by Miltos Manetas at Gagosian Gallery in New York.

“Our official theories about reality—quantum physics, etc.—prove that the taste of our life is the taste of a simulation. Machines help us feel comfortable with this condition: they simulate the simulation we call Nature. Opening the door of your room or clicking on a folder on your computer’s desktop will send you to similar destinations—two versions of reality that are seemingly perfect and dense, but they will start dissolving after you analyze them.”
- Miltos Manetas

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